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ERP Integrated Solutions Partners with ProShip, Inc. to Bring Streamlined Shipping Solutions to Any Hosted System

The partnership with ProShip gives our non-SAP customers the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing host systems and technologies and to simplify the shipping process. It can be customized for your needs, business rules and processes.
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ProShip® Product Suite

Global Multi-Carrier Shipping and Manifesting Software

Every company’s shipping needs are uniquely determined by the nature of the business, the carriers it uses, its business systems and other factors.

Whether your company is in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry dealing with HIPAA or hazmat compliance, a large retailer, or a warehouse fulfilling high-volume package shipments, the ProShip® Product Suite has everything you need for shipping speed, compliance and support.

No matter the circumstance, ProShip® shipping software ensures that your products reach your customers – and fast!


Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing host systems and technologies and to simplify the shipping process.

ProShip Server

The “heart” of the ProShip Product Suite, computer workstations company-wide can access ProShip’s functions, data and carrier modules from the ProShip Server.

ProShip Velocity

Designed for extreme throughput in your high volume distribution environment, Velocity is a thick client which seamlessly integrates your parcel shipping processes.

ProShip Office

A browser-based thin client created for fast implementation across hundreds of desktops without additional software.

ProShip SDK

The Software Development Kit (SDK) unleashes the true power of the ProShip Server to any front end ERP, WMS, OMS, or Web application.


Developed to optimize warehouse shipping in any environment.

  • Achieve the lowest possible freight costs on all shipments
  • Produce carrier-certified shipping labels, manifests and other required documents
  • Deliver more orders faster by shipping from any inventory source
  • Increase operational efficiencies for mid-to-high shipping volumes
  • Integrate all systems and technologies to leverage a cost-effective, interconnected supply chain
  • Exceed customer expectations for shipment delivery
  • Streamline returns and the reverse logistics process


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