ERP Integrated Solutions, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing organizations with solutions which seamlessly integrate external systems or processes with the SAP All-In-One ERP system. These solutions can be developed entirely within SAP or externally using BAPI’s or BADI’s for interfacing. With a focus on Certified SAP Solutions we are able to provide business efficiencies that come with a strong Return on Investment.

Shipping Solution for SAP Software

ShipERP - SAP Shipping Solution

ShipSTM - ShipERP™ Shipment Planning/Transportation Management Module

ShipSOI - ShipERP™ Sales Order Integration Module

ShipOFM - ShipOFM™ Ocean Freight Management Module

ShipEWM - ShipERP™ Extended Warehouse Module

AuditERP - ShipERP™ Freight Auditing Module

CarrierPORTAL - ShipERP™ Carrier Portal Module

SupplierPORTAL - ShipERP™ Supplier Portal Module

Shipping Solution for Non-SAP Environments

ProShip - ShipERP™ ProShip® for Non-SAP Environments