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Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution for SAP® Software

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ShipERP is a fully integrated multi-carrier shipping Solution for SAP® Software designed to run on the SAP Netweaver Technology Platform. ShipERP performs real-time carrier: rate quoting, shipment creation, shipment tracking, proof of delivery, and label printing. This configurable enterprise shipping solution provides the enterprise the ability to rapidly ship products during the pick/pack/ship process as well as selectively adjusting shipping services on the fly, all while adhering to SAP Best Practices. Basing the ShipERP shipping solution on SAP's Enterprise Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables security, flexibility and business efficiency during the shipping process without the need for any middleware.

ShipERP (Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution for SAP® Software) facilitates all forms of shipping. Whether it’s Small Parcel Shipping, Less than a Truckload (LTL), full Truck Loads, (TL) or a combination of them all, ShipERP is the SAP certified solution for the job. By leveraging the technology the carriers provide (web services, HTTP Post, tracking/pro number algorithms, or pre-generated tracking numbers, etc), ShipERP seamlessly integrates with carriers to increase the effectiveness of an organization’s shipping operation. This allows the business to focus on reducing freight costs as well as closely managing the shipping process to achieve better efficiencies. ShipERP is the single-source SAP freight management and shipping system for all your global shipping needs.



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